3 reasons why makeup is so diverse

Makeup has been used by women to enhance their natural features since very ancient times. Perhaps the most famous example is that of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. The world knows her as the famous seducer who put under her spell two great generals. She knew what she was doing, and makeup was one of her weapons. We all know the power of makeup, but why is it so diverse and how is it possible that some new trend is always coming along?

  • Different choices arouse different emotions

Women are generally more in touch with their feelings than their male counterparts and their eye for details is clearly more developed. It is perhaps for this reason why a lot of men fail to notice a new touch or nuance that their partner has tried on that day. But not noticing details doesn’t mean they don’t have any effect. The sublimity of details conveys exactly the emotion the person wearing makeup wants to convey. It’s obvious that one would apply a different color of lipstick depending on the image and emotion they want to put forth. Whether dominant, shy, fierce, laid back, determined, every choice of the arsenal is not by coincidence. This is one of the reasons why the variety of choice is virtually unlimited.

  • The possibility of a unique self

Not unlike having a coffee menu with dozens if not hundreds of possible ways of ordering, a variety of makeup allows us to define a sense of self. Nobody wants to imitate or look exactly like someone else. We have an innate desire to stand out and be the best we can be. Perhaps some guys are okay when meeting another person with the same shirt and they go for an up five, but to most people that is simply not an option. People want their unique combination of cosmetics to not only enhance their concept of beauty, but also to define their presence in crowds and the public.

  • Better products are developed

This reason doesn’t have to do so much with how we operate as human beings, but rather than what is out there. If the market offers only two ineffective kinds of brow liners, then a choice like AMC BROW LINER GEL Inglot would absolutely be preferred.


Obviously a hypoallergenic, waterproof brow liner is not only friendlier to the skin but also looks orders of magnitude better. Or consider a long lasting, transfer resistant lip tint that doesn’t smudge like HD LIP TINT MATTE  Inglot


Would anyone in their right mind chose that over some relatively ancient ineffective product? And the industry is always working full speed to develop not only variety but also quality when it comes to cosmetics. If you’re interested in checking out more products from https://inglotcosmetics.ca/, go their site and you won’t be disappointed.


Makeup takes a considerable amount of time for a lot of people and more often than not it is quite enjoyable. With a huge cosmetic universe with lots of products to choose from, people will continue to try unique combinations and better products with time.