A guide to becoming a seductive bride

Modern age brides are well toned and love to flaunt their skin either by wearing a bare shoulder or backless silhouette to expose those curves at the time of the wedding. Even if you are amongst the conservative people then there are plenty of traditional dresses that make you look equally elegant and sexy.


After and even during a wedding, how to make the first move and who makes the first move? The best part for any bride and groom in the wedding would be when their guests go home and they can slip into their new fancy clothes. The two want to make it memorable as it’s their first night as husband and wife. How to make it special without the burden of high expectations? It was previously taken to be men’s responsibility to seduce their women. But today, men love it when their women try to seduce them. It only shows that they are equally interested and have the same desire and passion for them.

No doubt brides are the center of attraction at a wedding, but in spite of being busy with the guests you can flirt with your (almost) spouse during the wedding. Do this by holding hands, kissing and hugging, it shows the affection both share. This help in building the anticipation for the night. Planning a wedding seems to be a forever task but with that do not forget to buy the perfect wedding lingerie to seduce your spouse.

Today, to have the wow factor on the first night after the wedding has become a pressure situation. A lot of couples have lived with each other before walking the aisle. For such couples, to bring up something new and exciting for them is even more difficult. Yet there are lots of things a bride can do to make their wedding night unforgettable.

Another thing that the couple can do is fill the room with fragrances. Scents of ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender or sandalwood are said to increase sexual desire and arousal.

Playing soft music that your partner loves and giving him a sensual body massage is sure to take the pleasure level to new heights. Start the massage from foot, gradually doing a full body massage, this helps the body to relax, you need it after the hectic day you would have had and set the mood on.

Another idea is to buy sexy lingerie to have some fun. There are many other accessories like sex toys, a fur stole that you can try and surprise your spouse. Plus they show how interested you are to make the night a memorable. Men love the seductive and sexy lingerie that his bride wears for him.

Dirty talk helps. Everyman wants to feel desired, sexually. Say things that your partner will love, romantic or dirty.

Wedding night for any bride has mix feeling of being nervous yet tempted, hesitant yet passionate. After days and hours of the wedding rituals you deserve a great time. All the hype created around the wedding night might make you nervous, but you are going to have many memorable nights together and the wedding night is just the beginning. Try to be yourself and express your feelings with romantic ideas to become a seductive bride.