Incomparable photography services with professional candid photographers in Mumbai

candidMemorable moments in life are always spontaneous that are unexpected and modest. Photo phactory has some famous and best candid photographers in Mumbai. They are zealous in creating perfect shots that capture real and frank moment during weddings. They have panache for capturing life as it enables them to provide couples with memorable images which are full of beauty and emotions. They are renowned in capturing frank moments during weddings through stills as well as cinematography. Their style is modern with a fusion of contemporary fashion. This makes their work innovative and refreshing and offers each customer personalized service. They make strides to design the photography candid, seamless, full of graphic detail to capture the couple in a way unimaginable to them.

They staunchly believe in the effect of small unobserved moments. No matter whether a wedding is small or big, what is important is the capturing of unrestricted emotions, which they will never afford to miss. They believe that photographs of your naturalness and honest moments are priceless, which become more important a few years down the line.Their flexible approach when shooting in a wedding is what makes Photo Phactory unique candid photographers in Mumbai. They create artful portraits, attractive images that evoke the emotion and give their clients memorable experience that they cherish throughout life. They pay keen attention to color, style, and lighting which blend the mode of our clients.

World class Product photography in Mumbai

First impressions are important. The quality of images has an indelible impact on customer’s impression of your products or services. You can have the best quality products on your website but if their images were of poor quality people will think your products are of low quality. To capture minute details of your products requires huge experience and lot of effort. Photo Phactory uses latest commercial photography techniques along with creativity. Photo Phactory being the leaders in product photography in Mumbai,  provides images that exhibit the inherent quality of your products.

Whatever you intend to sell Photo Phactory will make it look cool. Big sellers have high quality images of their products while smaller ones make do with low quality images from other sites. Consumers grasp the difference and will make decision accordingly. Make sure your images are perfect with high quality product photography of Photo Phactory.   Vendors of edible products need high resolution images of their food. Even minor color issue or exposure can make healthy and fresh eatables look stale. Use their services and stay calm, you can have superb pictures to flaunt on the web. They usually bring their equipment with them to photo-shoot at your location on your request.


Photo Phactory ensures its clients’ satisfaction by seamless product photography in Mumbai and candid photographers in Mumbai for weddings. Be it branded apparel, a catalogue of products or collection of electronic equipment or a wedding ceremony, Photo Phactory won’t rest until you get the best out of your money.

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