My look is strappy but makes you feel light!!!

Just b’coz I get on well with you, people go crazy to see me over you!!!


1“The Old Catholic Days remind me of those bags which once hit the wardrobes of commoners. Somehow, with the passage of time they slowly faded, with many stylish or conservative looking bagpacks taking their place. The choice of people altered with time paving a way for the slingbags, that have come into existence again, showing how versatile they were and still are. Now, new age messenger bags are seen in the town as a rage in the form of sling bags.”



Every woman’s first choice is to have a designer yet comfortable bag complimenting their attire. Here, only the SLINGBAGS strike the mind, for they are compact, classy and versatile. These not only just grabs the attention of young girls who love going to their college with a chic look, but also suit a working woman in formal attires. We can simply define a sling bag as a bag pack designed to rest comfortably behind you, it allows an easy access by simply swinging it. It provides a secure grip which is a welcome change from the bag slipping off the arms.

Everything that is required is just kept inside the bag that has a strap; the one which is either taken on one shoulder or is worn across the torso.

The small room of this bag is quite functional, it has the ability to store things from credit cards to cell phones and from make-up kits to ID passes. The intial slingbags were the same size as a normal backpack which could carry everything you could need during your day, including lunch, files or other essentials. But, the craze to buy slingbags online has taken over and changed the whole fashion scenario with their different styling and shapes.


The adjustable length of this unique bag makes it perfect for a woman to carry it anywhere. Yes, the length of the strap must suit your personality. Keep it in a way that you or your clothes don’t get entangled with it.

When you are planning to travel light, this slingbag can be your ideal travelling companion. Not only it is handy and easy to carry, but will also assist you in keeping your passport, mobile cash, eye kohls and many such things in easy reach.

Albeit, fashion has always been revolving for many ages, yet this era is purely for a bag that virtually is comfortable and handy.

From small town teenagers to Asian lassies, everyone carries them to colleges, workplaces and to evening outings. Depending on the type of things you want to carry in your slingbag and what you want to carry it with, you will need a few style tips to accessorise your outlook.


College going students started carrying them :::

Yeah! Once again the youngsters brought in a new trend in the zone of bags. Sling bags online are available in a variety of hues, patterns, sizes, types and textures. Perhaps, they prefer the leather straps which they can hang on one of their shoulders to look classy and sporty. You must be knowing that such straps do not give rashes on the skin even during peak summer days.

In fact, they enhance the overall scenario at the study place where lecturers or opposite gender start noticing their fashion statement.

A perfect stylish accessory to keep your basic essentials while attending college is here, it is easier to keep things like a library pass, documents, lipstick, mobile phone and wallet in it than it was in a traditional backpack. The array of international designs available in slingbags online at affordable prices has made it easy for everyone to carry them. Bright coloured bags or unique shapes are the most popular among the college going crowd. It is a perfect fashion accessory for students those who commute on bicycles or bikes.

These slingbags are known to provide more weather resistance than traditional leather style school bags. Most of the syles will go perfectly with your college attire and make you stand out in the crowd.


First of all, a pair of fitted denims with a polo tee or a skin wrapping sweater would ride high on style when teamed with a retro styled bag. Such an outfit draws the attention of everyone to your carrier rather clothing. Wherever you may go then, it won’t be a matter of bewilderment for you to lift a strappy number with utmost ease. You will thus keep your hands free to greet your companions without any worries. Actually, these look pretty and adorable on college-goers merely not prompting them to keep their books but definitely for minute essentials.

To complete the feminine look, just slide into a pair of sport shoes, canvas or high boots that instantly throw an outstanding look on the viewers. There is no need to highlight your slingbags since accessories are to enhance the attire but not themselves.


Even at a work place, the

focus is on them :::

The international designers and stylists have released the sling bags online that range from solid hues to various shapes and designs. Hats off to those women who browse the international fashion trends and then find similar slingbags online in India. Their forward thinking and the ability to keep up with the latest runway trends should be applauded. Although the feminine gender has come a long way now in terms of vogue and rage, yet I believe that they’ll go far beyond the imagination to reveal what style is all about.

The formal attires, pairs of dark trousers, check shirts, knee length dress codes, fish cut skirts and basically all those slim fit outfits demand for slingbags that has your touch-up tools, visiting cards and pens. However, the number of pockets attached inside a sling bag has now beaten the bulky handbags which generally do not solve the purpose but take more space and volume. The prime objective here is to steal the attention of other colleagues with your bar of sophistication.

The sharpened outfits and collars usually match up well with a rectangular or a cubical sling bag with an antique or pearl chain. This galvanises the spirit of the workers who readily diffuse the essence of styling in the meeting room or on an official tour. These days, leather slingbags are carried across the torso which apparently depicts the formal style of work and dignity.

Just keep in mind one thing, that you do not wear a flowy number as it will definitely lower down the grace of the accessory as well as your personality. Wear skin hugging clothes and formal footwears that render an official look to you.



Evening parties are incomplete

without this sleek bag :::

Beautiful dresses are made for gorgeous ladies. Similarly, the style they show in carrying a unique bag with them really matters a lot for the others. Sling bags online is becoming the most prevailing trend. Now, these are commonly seen at dinner parties, cocktails and nights outs. These bags are extremely classy when worn with a solid hue in the open air. If you want to add wonders to your complete look, then look for such a sling bag that matches up perfectly with your slim fit dress.

The blend of antique chain and leather is quite a favourite among the young ladies who like to groovy all night.The handsfree access to their slingbag lets them enjoy their night to the fullest.

Some slingbags, even come with a classy patter on the front and a few have a bow. Also, the envelope style is extraordinarily safe for the inside things. You can easily enjoy your meal as it doesn’t go heavy much. The pepply colours, neon shades and fine textures compliment your monochrome outfits and even set a trend for the others.



At a party, if heart melting accessories are seen by a woman then she instantly needs them in her wardrobe collection too.

Singular outlook with total individuality is a woman’s fight.

She’s the only fashion diva who carries the latest accessory in contrast to her footwears and attires.



Whether its about the Hollywood celebrities or Bollywood fashion divas, slingbags look like a staple accessory for all. Many stars have been spotted at the airport carrying a simple yet sophisticated bag on one shoulder or across the chest. Indeed, a few articles go from obscurity to ubiquity and slingbags are one of them.

Overall, sling bags online are available at pocket friendly prices and a whole variety of designs. They feature a whole array of sporty sling bags, designer sling bags and travel sling bags. If you’ve have always been a large bag person, it is time for you to bid adieu to them and say hello to the ease and convenience a sling bag provides.