Punjabi Suits

Punjabi suits are very much famous and common in the Punjab region in India as well as in Pakistan .These are the traditional attires which are liked by both men and women .Basically Punjabi dresses consists of heavy embroidery work, mirror work and thread work on it .Both male and female Punjabi dresses consists of such designs according to the latest trend .

  • Different types of Punjabi suits:

There are many different kinds of Punjabi suits for both men and women .

Following is the detail about both types of Punjabi outfits .

  • Punjabi dresses for Men:


  • The Punjabi men love to wear such dresses that are usually lose in fitting . For example, kurta salwar, kurta with open chaddar (dhoti), kurta with Patiala salwar .
  • The Punjabi aged men also love to wear turban on the head because this is their culture .Now-a-days, youngsters also love to wear turban on the head on some special traditional occasions .
  • The Punjabi Men also take shawl in the winters, as they don’t like to wear coat or jersy rather they feel comfortable in wearing shawl .No matter how much weather is cold.
  • Along with this special attire for Punjabi men mentioned above, the accessories that are used by them includes Khussa that they specially wear all the time .
  • Punjabi dresses for women:


  • Women also love to wear different types of Punjabi suits like simple kurta salwar, Patiala salwar with short shirts, frocks with churi daar pajama etc .
  • The most important dress for Punjabi ladies includes ghaghra type salwar which is also called Patiala salwar along with the short kurti .
  • The accessories which women love to wear is stylish khussa having embroidery and glass work on it of different colors.
  • Another thing is the Paranda which almost all the ladies love to wear. Wearing Paranda does not depends on the age group rather all the ladies either small girls, young ladies or aged woman, everyone loves to wear paranda matching with their dress.