What is the Best Clothing to Buy Online

There has been a lot of talk in the news about retail clothing stores going out of business or shutting down hundreds of stores at a time. The traditional clothing retailer is having a hard time competing with online merchants. The extra competition is good for consumers, but something is often lost when you buy online.  You never really know how something will fit or how something will look on you.  You might end up with ill fitting clothing that you won’t want to wear. Then, you may have trouble returning a product and end up frustrated.  Here are a few tips to help you buy items online in a way that has the best chance of success.

Be sure that the store where you are buying has a good return policy.  You can judge a store not by how it does when everything goes right, but when things go wrong. If you have to return an item, make sure that you are not paying shipping both ways and a restocking fee. That sort of policy should never be accepted in exchange for a good price. A good merchant will stand by their product. They will realize that it is much easier to get the 2nd and 3rd sale from a customer than the first. If they blow it, they won’t ever get you back.

If you are buying shoes, be very careful about sizing.  If you are going to buy something like an athletic shoe, it is a good idea to stop into a brick-and-mortar shoe store to try on that style. If you can’t, then read the reviews and see if others say that they run large or small for their given size. Learn your European shoe size, which is noted in centimeters.  Shoes are often advertised in both sizes. Compare the two and you may see the fit is a bit different than what you are used to wearing.

If getting a designer handbag, stick with a luxury retailer such as Lord and Taylor.  The internet is full of counterfeit merchandise. Handbags are one of the most often faked luxury items.

Blue jeans are one of the most difficult items to buy online. It is best not to buy them online at all unless you know how that size, brand and style will fit you. If you are replacing an existing pair, you may have much better luck.

Some items that you probably would have no trouble getting the right size would include: t-shirts, coats and accessory items. For these, just buy whatever strikes your fancy and is a good price.