Why You Need to Try a Beauty Box

If you haven’t tried a beauty box, you’re seriously missing out. Many of the best online boutiques now offer both one-time purchase and subscription boxes. Here’s why you need this in your life.

  • It’s fashion forward. While each box varies, you usually get at least one clothing item, an accessory and an extra surprise goodie. These items are handpicked by style experts and are sure to let your inner fashionista shine.
  • It’s affordable. Think about how much you spend on just one piece of quality, fashion clothing. One-time boxes are very reasonable at around $50 but subscription boxes are an even better buy because they often include a discount with your subscription. For instance, Ooh La Loft’s deluxe beauty box subscription is 10 percent off the price of a one-time box.
  • It’s safe. You don’t like what you see? Return it. You’ll never be stuck with something you’ll never wear and you won’t even have to stand in line to return it. Most box subscriptions come with free returns and no obligation so you can end your subscription at any time.
  • It’s fun. What could be more fun and exciting than getting a surprise infusion of fashion every month? Having a stylist pick out something just for you and having it sent right to your door is something every fashionista should experience.


Don’t wait any longer – indulge your inner diva and give yourself the gift of a beauty box.